Power Electronic Repair Center

         Hello, I am the owner of a Power Electronic repair center that has been open for more than 10 years. Power Electronic is a device used to control and convert electrical energy. using electronic circuits such as inverters Converters, regulators, and Power Electronic diodes play an integral part in the operation of many applications. electrical appliances such as air conditioners washing machine vacuum cleaner And electric cars, but Power Electronic has the potential to be damaged, for example from power outages, surges, overload, or improper use.

If the Power Electronic is damaged, the electrical appliances will not be able to work normally or in some cases will cause damage to the environment and the user.

          So if you find that your Power Electronic has a problem or not working efficiently You shouldn't attempt to repair it yourself. Because it will risk causing more damage to the circuit. or cause you injury

You should let a Power Electronic expert come in for inspection and repair and the best expert is us.

           Our repair center has a team of technicians who have experience and expertise in repairing Power Electronic, whether it's analog or digital, whether it's small or large. no matter what brand We can fix every problem.

            We use high quality tools and equipment. and are thoroughly tested and inspected. We provide warranty repairs. and give advice on the care and protection of Power Electronic. In order for us to serve you quickly and efficiently, we ask for your address. so that we can contact you back You can fill in your address in the form below. or call us at 0851123853

Thank you for trusting our repair center to take care of your Power Electronic.


We look forward to serving you soon.

        We can do a lot to repair and maintain various Power Electronic devices, which this shop can do include:

Problem analysis and diagnosis Power Electronic repair shops will analyze and diagnose any problems with the equipment. by using various tools and equipment to find the cause of the problem and correct it accurately and efficiently

         Power Electronic Equipment Repair The shop can repair faulty or defective Power Electronic equipment. using skills and knowledge to repair circuits Defective parts or equipment may have been replaced or repaired in order for the equipment to function properly.

          test and measurement Shops can test and measure Power Electronic equipment to verify the integrity and performance of the equipment after repair. Tests and measurements can be performed using test equipment such as a multimeter. electrical measuring device frequency measuring instruments, etc.

           maintenance Power Electronic equipment repair shops are also able to provide equipment maintenance services to promote the longevity of equipment life. This may include cleaning. Checking for damaged equipment and replacement of damaged parts in Power Electronic devices.

          Customizations and Upgrades Sometimes customers may want to customize or upgrade their Power Electronic equipment to increase performance or performance. such as increasing power control system installation or other functional enhancement, a Power Electronic repair shop may be able to provide such service.

          If you have specific questions about repairing your Power Electronic equipment, feel free to ask. Power Electronic Repair Shops have a team of skilled technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to repair Power Electronic equipment to provide advice and services that are tailored to your needs.